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Office of International Education - St. Mary?s College of Maryland
Office of International Education - St. Mary?s College of Maryland
International Education at
St. Mary's College of Maryland

Welcome to the Office of International Education's website. 

This is St. Mary's College of Maryland's students' resource for all things related to international education - from study abroad to international and exchange students visiting our campus.

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St. Mary's is committed to supporting you in developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes that sharpen your global awareness and engagement. Study abroad is one way you can satisfy Experiencing the Liberal Arts in the World of the Core Curriculum - a requirement that fosters reflection and the opportunity to apply your ideas and knowledge outside the classroom.


ST. MARY'S IN PROGRAMS, currently in The Gambia (Kanifing), West Africa carry our honors college traditions abroad by offering academic courses with St. Mary's or hand-selected international faculty at our own or partner residential sites with orientation programs and excursions designed specifically for SMCM students.  Since these are St. Mary's programs, courses and experiences can often be tailored to meet individual student needs.

Study Abroad Learning Outcomes

When students go abroad, no matter the program they go on, nor the length of the program we would like them to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Recognize cultural differences within and between cultures
  • Display intercultural communication skills when responding to members of other cultures
  • Articulate their personal growth in response to experiences in another culture that challenges or deepens their world views
  • Increase independence and self-reliance through learning to successfully navigate travel logistics, new communities, and host culture
  • Comprehend and speak a foreign language more proficiently and in culturally appropriate ways, when studying in a country where the language of the university and/or program differs from the student's native language(s)